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Kings Mountain State Park
1277 Park Road
Blacksburg, SC 29702

Currently, we are not taking reservations for school field studies at this state park.  Please consider booking a program at our other State Parks that offer Discover Carolina Programs like Andrew Jackson State Park, Oconee State Historic Site and Redcliffe State Historic Site.

We invite you and your students to visit our park and participate in an educational program. Kings Mountain State Park is a representative site of a mid 1800s yeoman farmer's homestead. Yeoman farmers played a large role in the economy of rural South Carolina. Cotton was an important part of these farmers' crops and an important part of South Carolina economy as well.

We encourage you to experience the park by participating in a Discover Carolina program. Pre-site, on-site and post-site lesson plans have been developed to ensure a quality educational experience for you and your students.

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Park Interpreter Led Programs:
Living History Farm: A Matter of Survival

During this lesson students will participate in a field study trip to the Living History Farm at Kings Mountain State Park.  Here the students will get hands on experience and a better understanding of why and how life was more difficult during the 1850s.  Students will also be presented with many of the decisions yeoman farmers and their families faced in order to survive.  They will be asked to think critically about the difference between these two time periods and how well they might’ve handled daily decisions that could have been the difference between life and death on the farm.

Grade Level: 3
Length Time: 1.5 to 2 hours
Standards: 3-1.4, 3-4.1 and 3-5.1 and 3-5.4
Setting: Farm Setting

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