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Hampton Plantation State Historic Site
1950 Rutledge Road
McClellanville, SC 29459

Hampton Plantation is the site of a large antebellum rice plantation. Settled by French Huguenots in the mid 1700s, Hampton was inhabited and operated by some of the most prominent S.C. families. The centerpiece of the 322-acre park is a thirteen-room mansion house, which stands as a monument to historic European architectural styles and the labor of enslaved Africans. Rice fields, Plantation gardens, and adjacent forests and swamps make Hampton an excellent learning environment for the study of Lowcountry history.

We encourage you to experience the park by participating in one of the following Discover Carolina programs. Pre-site, on-site and post-site lesson plans have been developed to ensure a quality educational experience for you and your students.

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Park Interpreter Led Programs:
From the Fields to the Big House
  • Program Activities

  • From the Fields to the Big House” is designed to lead students through the early history of South Carolina. Beginning with the formation of the Carolina Colony and the emergence of the plantation system, this program will focus on rice culture and the lives of the free and enslaved families living on Hampton Plantation.

    This program is offered September through April.
    The preferred maximum amount of students allowed for the program is 30.

    Grade Level: 3
    Length of Time: 1.5 hours
    Standards: 3-2.6, 3-2.7 and 3-4.1
    Setting: Historic Site

    40 Acres and a Mule
  • Program Activities (2.5MB pdf file)

  • This program will examine how Reconstruction forever changed the lives of those who had once been dependent on the rise and decline of the rice market and those who were made successful from it.  It will also look at how this era specifically affected those living at Hampton Plantation. Students will be engaged in hands-on activities that will give them a better understanding of what challenges were faced by the freed slaves and their families.

    Grade Level: 5
    Length of Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
    Standards: 5-1.2, 5-1.3 and 5-1.4
    Setting: Historic Site

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